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TrioTech XD Dark Ride


  • XD Dark Ride 4 Seats: W 12'6" x W (server space) 17'1" x L 15'10" x Min Ceiling Height: 10'8"
  • Screen: 12'4" x 6'11"
  • XD Dark Ride 8 Seats: W 16' x W (server space): 20'6" x L : 26' x Min Ceiling Height: 13' 11"

Product Description



A rich, multi-sensory interactive attraction that uses cutting edge technology and special effects to ensure a superior guest experience. Group play, real-time 3D graphics, and individual scoring system create unique, competitive dynamics and encourage repeat business.

Triotech’s XD Dark Ride redefines the attraction experience like never before! This multi-sensory, interactive attraction, designed for the whole family, won IAAPA’s prestigious Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in 2013. The XD Dark Ride is scalable from 4 to 40 seats and features the world’s fastest targeting system, a curved screen, and real-time 3D graphics with special effects. Group play, individual scoring, and renewable content also drive recurring traffic. As a result, the XD Dark Ride generates a strong ROI. The system’s scalability allows operators to tailor the attraction’s size based on anticipated attendance, space allocation, and investment level.