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Family Entertainment Centers

Award-Winning Profit-Driven Strategic Partner in Arcade Development Where Relationships Matter.

Your Success is Our Success

As a proud supplier of arcade equipment for FEC businesses, Shaffer Distributing is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for game room success. We understand that choosing the right equipment vendor is crucial for any FEC business owner. When you select Shaffer, you can trust that you’re partnering with a company with a trusted reputation in the amusement arcade and Family Entertainment Center industry that is actively managed by the fourth successive generation of family ownership. Our passion and obsession for helping you achieve the highest return on your arcade equipment investment is unmatched. To learn more, please get in touch with us today.

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With a singular corporate focus and “get it done right” attitude, we serve a diverse group of FEC customers throughout the United States and Canada, all while maintaining close, personal relationships between Shaffer’s senior management team and our valued customers. Although we serve an industry built on fun, we know that owning and operating a successful Family Entertainment Center is serious business, requiring substantial capital investments in amusement and redemption equipment. Therefore, we take an equally severe and ‘unbiased” approach when recommending equipment investments for your facility. Through a unique blend of asking specific questions and active listening, our FEC sales team will assist you in determining the right equipment for your specific demographic makeup and clientele.

Family Entertainment Center, Arcade Game Room

Family Entertainment Center

From the earliest stages of concept to support after the sale, we can truly offer our customers a turnkey, worry-free approach to the entire game room experience. We’ve streamlined the process of building a successful game room in your family entertainment centers to make it easier than ever for you and your customers. It’s easier for you and even better for your customers.

Our industry leading services include:


Our team of industry experts will help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. We offer a complete range of services to support your family entertainment center business, including business plan analysis, equipment budgeting, financing options, arcade design recommendations, game mix, and payment system selection. We also offer electrical requirements for your amusement arcade solution.


Shaffer's arcade design services include a visual layout drawn to scale for your specific arcade's dimensions. We carefully place each amusement game in the layout to maximize visual impact and earnings potential while being mindful of patron traffic flow throughout the room.


Shaffer’s logistics team will manage all aspects of your arcade equipment order, including game configuration, factory order placement, and transportation consolidation. We ensure safe, on-time delivery right to your door via our company-owned trucks and partnered carriers.


We guarantee a safe and secure move of your arcade equipment into your facility. Our specialists unload, uncrate, and move each piece of equipment into place while protecting sidewalks, entryways, and interior flooring from damage. Once inside, we meticulously install each piece of equipment to factory standards for a perfect installation.


We provide technical training at your facility on your arcade equipment. Our experienced technicians will work hand in hand with your employees to help familiarize them with each amusement game's unique operating characteristics, program settings, and routine maintenance requirements.


Shaffer views each family entertainment center arcade project as a partnership, not just a sale. We demonstrate our commitment to that belief by maintaining exceptional sales, service, and parts support long after project completion. Our goal is to keep you as a lifetime customer.

George Speakman

VP of Sales | FEC Specialist


Adam Kleinhenz

Business Development Specialist


Hear what our clients have to say

"“When I think of all the other distributors and the people we deal with, Shaffer stands out. Their people are the kind you can call and talk to even if it’s not directly about business. Overall, Andy and Scott and the rest of the Shaffer team are great, all-around people to do business with and to be friends with." "

Luke Adams

Pioneer Vending

"“The trust we have in them is what has enabled us to confidently deploy our capital to maximize our revenue. They’ve directed us time and time again into new markets and convinced us to try profitable products we may have missed without their sound advice. The support they provide after the sale is second to none and makes it easy to make a large commitment to a product,” "

David George

Bell Music Company

"“If someone were to ask me if I would recommend Shaffer, I would without question. There’s nothing holding me back. They have an impressive track record. Whatever they say they’re going to do, they’re going to do.”"

George Smith

Family Entertainment Group

"“They’re a company that gets five-star ratings. If you could earn a six-star rating, they would get it,” he said. “Even when they sense there’s something wrong, whether that’s on their end or ours, they work to understand what that issue is and stay on it until they get it resolved.”"

Kerry Shaffer

Shaffer Amusement & Vending Company

"“They were able to meet our needs, understand our organizational goals and apply their skillset at the right time. And that’s the consistent message right there: We design it, we create it, we know what we want, we go to them, they help populate the lists and deliver the expectation. Through selling equipment, they make a commitment to us as the buyer that they’re going to back up what they sell. And they do. As soon as we place an order for a new piece of equipment, they are populating the parts shelves and educating their backend team on the support element and other critical needs.”"

Jim Bennington

Lucky Strike Entertainment

"I can honestly say that Shaffer was one of the easiest and most professional vendors we dealt with in planning our new facility and we are very proud of how the arcade turned out and equally as pleased with the resultant business. Shaffer has earned our confidence early and continue to earn it every day of our operation. We look at Shaffer as an extension of our team here at Edison’s."

Matt McSparin

Edison's Entertainment Complex

"From the planning stages to game room layout and installation the folks at Shaffer know their business. With the added services and expertise, they provide on redemption prize payouts and suggested pricing, you can't go wrong. From start to finish Shaffer has worked very closely with our team to ensure we are set up for success and ultimately happy with the project. The results have been outstanding. "

Tim Corley

SpareTime Entertainment

"Airway Fun Center has developed a great partnership with the Shaffer team. Their dedication to excellent customer service is clear. We appreciate their competitive pricing, consistent communication, and professional installations. I would highly recommend Shaffer Distributing."

Don Lebrecque

Airway Fun Center

"The Shaffer team went above and beyond from the very beginning with game selection advice and logistical planning. The team even helped us move equipment multiple times to make sure we had the proper setup and walk-way clearance. Communication was great the entire time as well!"

Kevin Walter

Pinheads Experience

"Shaffer Distributing Company, have been accessible and responsive since day one... When promises were made, results were delivered."

Jeffery P. Benson

Cinergy Entertainment Group, Inc.

"At every level, the Shaffer organization represents a dedication to excellence and commitment to represent the highest quality equipment"

Steven Foster

Lucky Strike Entertainment