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Elaut Flintstones Quarry Quest


  • Dimensions: H: 77.50″ W 61.50” D 77.75”
  • Power: 110V

Product Description

The most beloved family of the Stone Age stars in this awesome pusher style ticket redemption game by Elaut USA. It’s Flintstones Quarry Quest!

Sporting a design similar to other Elaut “island” games, the hexagonal cabinet features six player stations with easy-to-use joystick & button controls. This guarantees high earnings as players will quickly be able to learn what to do as they look over the game.

Quarry Quest offers a fun twist on typical “coin pusher” gameplay. Instead of coins or tokens that the playfield attempts to push, it uses metal marbles. This makes for more dynamic & smooth gameplay. On top of the marbles, colored plastic chips will sit, each with a sticker showing a Flintstones character and a ticket value. These chips feature RFID tags so that the game knows how to properly award tickets. All you have to do is get one of these chips to fall into the pit and you win the tickets! There is a Super Quarry Bonus as well to incentivize even more play!

A gaming experience exclusive to arcades

Widely recognized Flintstones license

  • Six player stations
  • Standard pusher-style “always moving” platform
  • Plastic chips using RFID tags to properly ID ticket values won
  • Automated marble & chip refreshing system
  • Multi-colored LED lighting fixtures that can be controlled by the operator
  • Patented Player Activated & Controlled Marble Delivery System
  • Simple to use joystick/button controls
  • Elaut ‘EMOS’ RFID Tablet Management System
  • Massive capacity for ticket dispensing for each player station!
  • Coin or card swipe ready