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Pizza Ranch in Burlington, Wisconsin partners with Shaffer Distributing.


Pizza Ranch, a beloved family restaurant chain known for its delicious pizza and family-friendly atmosphere, is taking their entertainment offerings to the next level with the introduction of a brand-new Fun Zone. In a strategic collaboration with Shaffer Distributing, a leading provider of arcade games and equipment, Pizza Ranch has installed 24 innovative arcade games to elevate the dining experience for patrons of all ages. 

The Fun Zone, located within the Pizza Ranch premises in Burlington, Wisconsin, brings together top-rated arcade games carefully curated by Shaffer Distributing. By partnering with Shaffer, Pizza Ranch can offer an extensive selection of exciting and interactive games that cater to a variety of interests and skill levels. 

The addition of the Fun Zone is part of Pizza Ranch’s commitment to enhancing the overall customer experience. With the installation of these 24 new games, guests now have even more entertainment options to enjoy while dining with family and friends. From classic arcade games to the latest virtual reality experiences, the Fun Zone offers something for everyone. 

Shaffer Distributing’s expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality arcade games were vital in bringing the Fun Zone to life. Their extensive knowledge of the arcade industry allowed them to work closely with Pizza Ranch to select games that would resonate with their audience and align with the restaurant’s family-friendly values. 

“It was our pleasure to once again work with Shaffer Distributing for our FunZone in Burlington Wisconsin. Shaffer Distributing consistently exceeds our expectations with their commitment to excellence. Our games arrived on time and were professionally installed on the dates promised. Every new restaurant build brings its own set of unique situations, it is nice to work with vendors such as Shaffer Distributing who help make the opening a huge success.” Al Pottebaum, President/CEO 

Visit Pizza Ranch in Burlington, Wisconsin, to experience the new Fun Zone and enjoy the mouthwatering pizza and other delectable menu items that the restaurant is known for. For more information about Shaffer Distributing and their range of arcade games and equipment, visit their website at

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