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Maximize Your Merchandisers!



  • Establish a redemption checklist. Include regular tasks such as stocking, cleaning, filling machines, checking ticket labels, inflating balls, etc. Designate times and frequency for these tasks and tailor them to work best for your building’s schedule. Make the expectations of your team clear and hold them accountable to keep your redemption space tip-top.


  • When putting plush into your merchandisers, don’t just dump and run. Setting each plush up with eyes forward will entice customers to play until they win! You can add gems or stones to the bottom for a great look, which will help keep the plush in place.


  • Cutter merchandisers (Cut 2 Win, Fantastic Prize, etc.) or large merchandisers tend to get more play when bundled vs. a single prize. Bundles can be as simple as a family of plush or as intricate as a gaming-themed bundle with a gaming chair and accessories or a local sports-themed bundle with a camp chair, hat, tumbler, and flag.


  • You never want to offer the same item in a machine and the redemption center. You can offer the same type of item, such as a set of Beats headphones in redemption and Bose headphones in the Mega Stacker, but not the same item. Why would a guest be motivated to save up their tickets for a prize when they can win the same thing out of a machine in potentially one play?


  • If you want to offer a prize too large to fit in the machine, you can print a photo and keep it in the manager’s office.


  • Merchandisers offer another option to help move through products you are trying to manage out of inventory. Peg items can go into hanging merchandisers (if they won’t hang, fashion up a zip tie as a hanging loop or use a plastic hang tab). Shelf items can be placed into window merchandisers. You can also create mystery boxes or bags with mixed merchandise to put into machines.

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