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Vital Tips for a Successful Redemption Experience


Knowing your guests and who is coming into your arcade is important. Have prizes for all your guests. If you want a parent to engage in the arcade, an army man likely won’t reel them like a designer purse or golf clubs would. Displaying the different colors and versions of an item can build value in your redemption store.


Plush prizes need to be set up neatly with eyes facing the guest. If you have three different colors of Samurai swords, display them so guests can see their options. Be sure to place the high-value items higher up in the store. Putting top prizes in glass storage with lighting will highlight them. Guests are visual and want to see what they are working towards.


You need to have quality prizes to offer your guests. Don’t just have cheap options for them; be sure to have some high-end options for them to work towards and drive their gameplay. i.e., Gaming systems, computers, TV/Sports memorabilia.


Pay attention to pop culture and social media. If something is “HOT” make sure you have it in a prime location at your redemption counter. i.e., Fidget Spinners, are good examples.


Happy guests spend more money in your arcade.