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VAR BOX LIVE – Pre-Owned


VAR LIVE has become the leading innovative Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality development company in Asia.

Available in a Pair


Product Description

Patented Anti-Motion Sickness Technology

Through extensive RND in Hardware, Software, Artwork, and Game Design, the VAR BOX has provided a high-quality VR gaming experience to millions of users worldwide.

Global Multiplayer Battle System

Connect with players all over the world and challenge each other in real-time!

Intuitive Gameplay

New to Virtual Reality? VAR BOX games are designed to get players to get started quickly without the need for an attendant.

Somatosensory Shock

Designed to mimic the experience of shooting from a Glock Pistol, the Patented VAR Gun comes with haptic feedback and a 1:1 true to aim accuracy.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world that has fallen into chaos, due to extreme population and space constraints, scientists have invented “positioning anchors” that can be used to teleport and travel instantaneously. In the game, players must use this mechanism to move around areas of the battlefield, looking for sniping locations and breaking through the enemy’s line of defense to be victorious!


・4 vs 4 Multiplayer battle

・Move around the map with special waypoints

・Strategize and discover hidden spots for high ground advantage

・Objective: Takedown the enemy’s defense and break their stronghold

・Team that destroys the enemy’s stronghold first wins!

Situated in training ground filled with of zombie targets, players need to accurately observe their surroundings and take down all targets. The key to achieving high scores is by making headshots in the fastest time possible all while maintaining the combo meter.

・Various Zombie Shaped targets

・Put your speed & accuracy to the test

・Post-game ability analysis

・Global Ranking

・Daily missions and unique skins rewards


2ND Expansion release following the success of Blockade. Featuring multiple levels with increasing difficulty. This time, each level gives you an option to pick 1 out of 3 upgrades to aid you through further stages of the game

・RPG mode: Gain experience and level up from fighting through waves

and improve overall character stats (HP, Armour, Damage, Etc)

・Multiplayer Co-op: Carry your teammates across harder stages and level up

・Game is also available on the Steam store.

・Special events with unique rewards (Equipment, Skins, Special ability)