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Unis Lane Master Pro


  • Dimensions: W26.8" x D95.7" x H101" with marquee H80.7"without marquee
  • Shipping Dimensions: 58"L x 30"W x 87"H
  • Shipping Weight: 530lbs

Product Description

Lane Master Pro is the all-new single lane video bowling game.

Combine the physical fun of a traditional alley bowler with the flexibility of a video game. Sensors detect the speed, angle, and spin of the ball and it’s translated on-screen. Plays like a traditional alley bowler with a durable, smooth lane surface and the same bowling rules. Even the playfield length of the game feels like the perfect bowling alley length. The players build points over several frames. Occasionally spiced up with unique bonus games, that are not quite possible in an actual bowling alley game. The gameplay is simple, just roll the ball down the lane and watch your hits on the screen.
Lane Master Pro, new compact design created especially for the home.
Single lane set up with appealing multi-color LED lighting & T-molding.
Includes 2 monitors, the marquee at 32″ with the main display at 42″ in size with HD resolution.
Supports up to six players, rotating turns
Designed like a traditional alley bowler with a durable, smooth lane surface and an upright cabinet in the back
Roll a real ball down the lane; multiple sensors accurately detect the angle, speed and spin that is translated into the game
Video game element allows for animations and a variety of settings without the complexity of picking up pins
Traditional bowling rules with 10 frames, splits, strikes, etc. Operators can adjust the number of frames per credit
Special “Golden Pin’ stage to win even more points!