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TouchTunes Fusion


Product Description

Limitless Possibilities

Reach new markets with the Fusion Music System. Fusion combines industry-leading design and components with a customizable look and feels to meet the aesthetic needs of virtually any venue.

“It fits so well with the style of bar that we have.”
Locations love the Fusion–Barrel Edition. Watch testimonials from breweries and bars across the US.

Flexibility for a Perfect Fit
Create a custom enclosure around the 19.5” touchscreen or get the Fusion Barrel Edition, a standout showpiece for today’s trendsetting venues and crowds. With an authentic wooden barrel exterior, the Fusion Barrel Edition delivers a unique, interactive music experience that amplifies each venue’s special vibe.

Angelina Uncaged
Built on the award-winning Angelina platform using Angelina components for increased reliability, reduced operator costs and inventory needs, and simplified training.

And just like Angelina, the Fusion Music System works with the TouchTunes mobile app, enabling customers to control the music from their phones and letting venues send them welcome messages.

Secure and Easy Access
The Fusion Music System is packed with new features including a patent-pending swing-up screen for easy access to bill collectors, a side-locking swing door to simplify maintenance, and a rigid frame system with anchor points for solid mounting of custom enclosures.