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TeamPlay Carnival Wheel

The favorite carnival ride for families has now come indoors… but with a Spin!


  • Dimensions: D 9' 4" x W 3' 1" x H (no marquee) 7' 3" (mini marquee) 8' 7" (full marquee) 11' 2"
  • Weight: 925 lbs

Product Description

Brighten up your location with the reimagined wheel full of vivid colors, animations, sounds, and, most importantly… Fantastic Replay! Carnival Wheel™ brings dynamic visuals through a spinning wheel that uses high-quality LED panels that engage the player’s imagination.

Carnival Wheel™ was designed to create an engaging and visually unique redemption experience. Team Play™ sets high standards of quality throughout every aspect of development. The gameplay is diverse, allowing players to focus on bonuses and ways to win big. The development team created an unparalleled graphical experience with the eye-catching wheel.


  • Link up to 16 machines for stunning, attractive animations
  • All numbers on every panel (including bonus tiles) are fully adjustable by the operator
  • Players can advance to higher point bonus wheels through exciting multi-spin gameplay
  • LED panels light up any location and attract players from across the room
  • Incredible panel animations even while spinning
  • Bonus spins can include 2x & 3x wheels, increasing the progressive bonus.
  • Progressive Bonus active across all linked machines