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Team Play Spins Ahoy! (Spinner Edition)


  • Dimensions: 112"W x 84" D x 116" H
  • Weight: 650

Product Description

Thar be bountiful treasure in this arrrcade adventure!

Hoy mateys! Set foot on a treasure-packed island and win big tickets with Spins Ahoy!, an action-packed adventure game from Team Play Inc! Designed as a virtual board game with a timeless pirate theme, 1-4 players can enjoy this treasure-seeking adventure, using a directional spinner controller to guide your pirate to dig up the valuable booty. Each player panel is designated as a pirate character: Jon LaFeet, Cap’N Ken, Red Raven, & Salty Pete. Spinning the controller works like the spinner wheel that is used in The Game Of Life. All of this is shown on a dazzling 4K UHD display, creating a presentation that will bring players back for more!


  • 100% Skill Game
  • The timeless pirate theme that appeals to players of all ages
  • Unique multiplayer game with pinball style controller competitive progressive bonus feature
  • Bonus multiplier “countdown” timer
  • Choose your treasure bonus feature
  • 4k resolution HD 65” LCD Monitor
  • Eye-catching cabinet design
  • interactive and entertaining 3d animations and sounds
  • High-Capacity,  the fast output ticket dispenser