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SEGA Sync Pong

It's All About Timing


  • Dimensions: D 42" x W 41" x H 109"

Product Description

Sync Pong is an exciting skill-based redemption game for amusement locations worldwide. The fabulous cabinet features color-changing lighting that attracts players to the game. The small footprint and high-income potential make this a great game, perfect for arcades and FEC.

Players must sync the ball drop to go through three moving rings at the right time. If done skillfully, the ball will enter the star-shaped bonus hole. Hit enough bonus stars, and you win the big-ticket bonus. There are plenty of other win zones, so the players are always a winner with Sync Pong.


  • Skill based single player redemption game
  • Intuitive single-button controller for quick gameplay
  • Moving rings with lighting creates in-game attraction
  • Attractive color-changing LED cabinet
  • Ideal for players of all ages
  • Small footprint cabinet