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Sega Pixel Chase


  • Dimensions: D 97" x W 41" x H 105"
  • Power: 110V

Product Description

Pixel Chase challenges players to toss a ball through one of the sixteen different target holes. While the basic idea has been around midways & carnivals for ages, Pixel Chase kicks the fun up a notch thanks to the LEDs. Each hole has a different score value assigned to it depending on the current color. Blue boxes are worth 500 points; green is 700 points and red is 1,000 points. Colors will change as you play, challenging you to make your aim fast & true as you play to win more tickets! Exceed the posted high score to win the Bonus.

While a single Pixel Chase game is wide enough to allow two people to get in on the fun, the real earnings come into focus when you bank two units and connect them with the Mega Bonus marquee.

  • The modern evolution of the classic ball toss carnival game
  • Attractive cabinet makes use of multi-color LEDs in a way unlike any other redemption game
  • 4×4 target grid (16 targets total)
  • Dynamic gameplay allows the classic skill gameplay to stay fresh
  • Red & blue numerical LED displays show current time & score, along with present bonus and High Score
  • Fast ball return with enough space for 1-2 players to have fun
  • Fun digital sounds and music
  • Ticket dispenser included
  • Coin or card swipe ready