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SEGA Let’s Go Island: Dream Edition


  • Dimensions: D 81" x W 63" x H 87"
  • Weight: 1,230 lbs

Product Description

The follow-up to the number one Sega action adventure ‘Let’s Go Jungle’ is back and re-imagined in this all-new Dream Edition motion cabinet. Once again players are on a South Pacific island diving tour and soon end up in trouble with dastardly and despicable pirates. Players must work together to survive everything the island has to throw at them.

Be immersed in this non-stop island adventure with it’s 55” LED screen, frantic rapid-fire gameplay and brand new family fun dream motion seat! 

NOW AVAILABLE: Convert your Dream Raiders to Let’s Go Island with the brand new conversion kit! Kit includes software, security dongle, artwork, and moldings.


  • 2 player co-operative game play
  • 55″ LED screen
  • Rapid fire, fixed pivot gun
  • Multiple routes & stages
  • Family fun dream motion system