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SEGA Drone Racing Genesis



  • Single Player: D 77" x W 44" x H 98"
  • Weight: 622 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 1 x Monitor: D 39" x W 49" x H 81" Weight: 4141 lbs | 1 x Seat: D 39" x W 39" x H 54" / Weight: 276 lbs

Product Description

SEGA Amusements presents you with a brand-new entertainment concept, Drone Racing Genesis! A unique and thrilling racing experience for visitors at FECs and arcades. Drone racing is a rapidly growing E-sport and a worldwide phenomenon. Drone Racing Genesis captures this exhilarating spirit of drone racing and brings it to indoor entertainment locations for the first time.

The gameplay is fun and exciting! With the casual and core player in mind, this game is easy to grasp. Players must race to the finish line while completing checkpoints and collecting all-important ‘battery charge’ power-ups to boost their drone to zoom past their rivals to get a place on the podium.

The game takes place across four visually stunning race locations – from picture-perfect tropical ocean resorts to snow-covered mountains, intense volcanic caves in the wild nature park to the glistening lights in the bustling Metro City. Players also can choose from five distinctive drones with unique characteristics and sponsorship liveries. Drone Racing Genesis encourages players to keep coming back over and over to experience every racecourse, get a natural feel for their favorite drone and ‘rule the skies’ while competing to make the leaderboard.


  • Intuitive Joystick controller
  • 42” HD display
  • Four exotic environments
  • Five different drones with unique characteristics
  • Two different game modes
  • Color-changing LED cabinet lighting
  • Stunning graphics
  • Linkable up to 4 cabinets