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SEGA Crazy Rafting

Go Wild


  • Dimensions: D 93" x W 59" x H 102"
  • Weight: 1047 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions 1 x Monitor: D 51" x W 73" x H 52" | Weight: 485 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions 1 x Seat: D 31" x W 62" x H 77" | Weight: 595 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions 1 x Light Parts: D 24" x W 63" x H 20" | Weight: 77 lbs

Product Description

Ignite your sense of adventure with Crazy Rafting. Hop into the two-player raft and go on a white-water rafting journey that will take you through six insane worlds. The reliable multi-airbag motion seat will immerse you in the crazy rafting experience. A giant 55” monitor and rich sound bring all the action to life while the air canon blows wind in your hair so you can experience a thrilling ride. The realistic paddle controllers make the gameplay intuitive and fun – the quicker you paddle, the faster you go.

The unique cabinet features a raft seat, paddle controllers, vivid color-changing lighting, and artwork to attract players to the game.

Explore six stimulating environments: a forest, desert, volcano, snowy mountain, ice field, and alien world. Look out for the giant dinosaurs, mammoths, and other strange creatures as you explore their worlds.

A unique feature of the game is it shows calories burned at the end of each game. This inspires adult players to see the game as a fun exercise and encourages them to play again.


  • Reliable multi-airbag motion seat creates a truly crazy rafting experience
  • A realistic paddled controller excites players and creates a fun spectacle on location
  • Raft seat, paddle controllers, and color changing lighting draws players’ attention
  • 6 insane locations with prehistoric and alien creatures.
  • 55” monitor for an immersive visual experience.
  • Air canons create thrilling wind effects.
  • Safety Belt and motion stop button.
  • Single or two-player game.