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Raw Thrills King Kong of Skull Island

King Kong of Skull Island II brings even more excitement to our FIRST VR adventure! This upgrade kit includes the epic conclusion to King Kong of Skull Island and also new cabinet graphics!


  • Dimensions: 114.17”H x 49.50”W x 122.34”D
  • Monitor Cabinet (upper monitor removed/bracket folded back)^ – 79.75″H x 49.56″W x 32.25″D (DO NOT MOVE WITH MONITOR/BRACKET IN UPRIGHT POSITION)
  • Spacer Cabinet – 8.5″H x 49.56″W x 24″D | Motion Base – 52.19″H x 49.56″W x 23.94″D | Front Cabinet – 42.97″H x 49.56″W x 42.49″D
  • Power: 120V / 60Hz : 10A each inlet (20A total) 230V / 50Hz : 5A each inlet (10A total)
  • Shipping Dimension: Main cab pallet: 52″x40″x89.5″, 811lbs. | Pedestal pallet: 36″x57″x60″, 478lbs. | Misc. pallet: 45″x52″x49″, 405lbs.

Product Description

King Kong of Skull Island II brings even more excitement to our FIRST VR adventure! This upgrade kit includes the epic conclusion to King Kong of Skull Island and also new cabinet graphics!

A Cinematic VR Experience

King Kong of Skull Island™ is a cinematic interactive VR experience. It weaves dazzling 3-D visual effects, exciting motion seat action, cutting edge VR displays, and movie-style excitement into an unattended cabinet for the arcade amusement industry.

Experience Flow

The player assumes the role of the vehicle driver as they make their way through Skull Island encountering creatures and danger along the way. The player can look all around them and experience Skull Island in a fully immersive VR world. Both players view the world from the driver’s perspective.


As the player progresses through the various thrills and excitement of King Kong of Skull Island™, they will encounter multiple interactive scenesThe interactive scenes trigger a dramatic slo-mo event which prompts the user to physically move their arms in order to succeed. (motion sensors capture their movements) These scenes have different outcomes depending on the player’s success or failure.

2 Player Simultaneous Play

King Kong of Skull Island™ gameplay includes up to 2 players simultaneous play. Players cannot join in after a game cycle has started.


There are currently three planned “Chapters” that the user will choose from a selection screen. For the Amusement Expo, only Chapter 1 is currently available to play. Each chapter is approx. 3:30-4 min in length.


King Kong of Skull Island™ does not require an attendant to operate.

Viewing Interface

The main viewing interface for King Kong of Skull Island™ is the HP REVERB. This headset allows the user to view Skull Island in a 360 degree 3-D world. The headset’s straps and wiring are fortified by Raw Thrills engineers to withstand more punishment on an unattended arcade cabinet. The HP REVERB is brand new and is at the cutting edge of VR headset specs and outperforms the original HTC Vive that is being used by a lot of competing products.

Standard Motions, Motion Seat, and Controls

King Kong of Skull Island™ features two traditional monitors above and behind the player’s seated position. The upper monitor is a 55” LED screen and the lower monitor is a 43” LED screen. The upper monitor shows attract videos while the lower monitor shows the game’s marquee logo. Neither of these monitors will ever show off the entire game action as to not spoil the cinematic moments.

The cabinet features a motion seat platform that is controlled by air compression. This motion platform has proven to be reliable on previous Raw Thrills products and has a much lower failure rate than the mechanical motion devices on competing products.

King Kong of Skull Island™ uses motion-sensing technology for its interactive scenes. The players will be able to see their hands in the game at any time in the ride when they hold them above the seat bar. These sensors are also used during the interactive scenes.

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