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Pipeline Games Poke a Prize

Great gameplay for all ages. Try and time your "Poking" of the hand correctly to have the hand release the prize below. The game can hold 56 different prizes. You can use anything from keychains to game cards, plush, and almost anything you can imagine. The eye-catching, modern-looking game draws in the players from across the room.


Product Description

This captivating arcade game offers an exhilarating gameplay experience suitable for all ages. Test your skills as you aim to time your “Poking” of the hand perfectly, carefully releasing the prize below. The possibilities are endless with the capacity to hold an impressive selection of 56 different prizes. Whether it’s keychains, game cards, plush toys, or any other imaginative item you can think of, this game has you covered. Its eye-catching and modern design will undoubtedly draw in players from across the room, creating an inviting and exciting atmosphere. Get ready for hours of entertainment and prize-winning fun with Pipeline Games Poke a Prize!