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Namco Pac-Man Pixel Bash Bistro Cocktail


Ms Pacman Galaga Pac Man 32 Classic 80's Arcade Games are Back!
Who doesn't love Retro Classic 80's Arcade Games. This new Bistro Cocktail Tabletop Multigame Arcade Game has 32 80's retro classic arcade games.


  • Dimensions: 21”W x 37”D x 30”H
  • Shipping Dimensions: L42" x W26" x H39"
  • Shipping Weight: 162 lbs

Product Description

Some things just get better with time. Nothing compares to the arcade originals.

PacMan Pixel Bash Bistro Cocktail

Ms. Pacman Galaga Pac Man 32 Classic 80’s Arcade Games are Back!
Who doesn’t love Retro Classic 80s Arcade Games? This new Bistro Cocktail Tabletop Multigame Arcade Game has 32 80’s retro classic arcade games.

32 Multigame Arcade Game is a full-size arcade game you find in businesses, arcades, and Arcade bars just without the coin door. This is not a cheap home version, this game is built with commercial-quality parts. This game comes with 1-year parts warranty. This multigame can be used in your home or business on free play so you won’t need coins to play.

With 32 officially licensed classic games, re-live the glory days of the arcade in your own home. Gather around with friends and family to experience the look, sounds, and feel you can only get with the real thing. Share old memories with friends and family and make new ones for years to come. Play these great titles all in one cabinet: Bosconian, DigDug, Dragon Spirit, Galaga, Galaga 88, Galaxian, Mappy, PAC-MAN, Ms.PAC-MAN Pac-Mania, Rally-X, Rolling Thunder, Xevious, Baraduke, Dragon Buster, DigDug II, Tower of Druaga, Gaplus, Grobda, Hopping Mappy, King & Balloon, Metro-Cross, Motos, New Rally-X, Pac & Pal, PAC-MAN Plus, Rompers, Skykid, Skykid Deluxe, Splatterhouse, Super PAC-MAN, Super Xevious.