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Namco Dead Heat Unleashed

Quickplay, Skill-Based Redemption Game


  • Dimensions with Marquee: W 40.47” x D 30.08” x H 95.51”
  • Dimensions without Marquee: W 40.47” x D 30.08” x H 72”
  • Shipping Dimensions (2 pieces): Main Cabinet 45" x 35" x 83" 495 lbs. each Seat 37" x 25" x 57" 145 lbs. each

Product Description

The sequel to the 2010 arcade hit, “Dead Heat Unleashed,” is an intense new racing game with four new courses, new cars, and an attractive LED-lit cabinet that responds to the game, changing lighting patterns during gameplay. Link up to four cabinets to challenge players head-to-head in tight races that are sure to be a dead heat every time! Players charge their ULTIMATE HEAT gauge through aggressive racing and crowding their rivals.

Once they unleash their ULTIMATE HEAT, players can blast ahead of the competition and propel toward the finish line. Like its predecessor, “Dead Heat Unleashed” features a camera above the screen that allows the player to take a photo before the race. This helps players quickly identify their competition and whom they are battling with for the first-place title.

Choose from one of ten licensed cars (with all new color variants) and drive through eight realistic courses depicting famous locations worldwide. Unleash your ultimate driving experience today!