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Magic Play Ninja Challange


  • Dimensions: 112" x 38" x 111"
  • Weight: 500 lbs
  • Power: 230/115V

Product Description

Ninjas are known for their amazing skills, such as agility, speed and efficiency.

Take part in the NINJA CHALLANGE and see if you can match the abilities of these legendary warriors.

Show your skills and prove that the spark of a true Ninja Warrior is inside you.

NINJA CHALLANGE will not only check your accuracy and precision but also your tactical abilities. Use the Ninja Star shaped Bean Bags and hit the side targets one by one to unlock the middle target to win BONUS POINTS! The faster and more accurate you throw, the more points you will score. If you do not get enough points in regular time, do not worry. You will receive bonus time during which you can earn extra points. Beat the score level and you can count on an amazing TICKET BONUS!