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Magic Play Fly O’Clock


  • Dimensions: L 34" x W 33" x H 106"
  • Weight: 418 lbs

Product Description

Product Description
Another addictive app-to-arcade skill redemption game from Digital Melody has been transformed by our partners at Magic Play into this colorful and competitive skill redemption game! With unique one-touch game mechanics, this clever and energetic skill game electrifies the competition! Time really flies when you’re having fun!

Multiplayer Skill Game (1 or 2 Players)
HD Graphics on a 55” Monitor
LEDs on Marquee Topper and Cabinet
Easy Game Play: Innovative One-Button Game Mechanics
Adjustable Settings and Rewards
Tutorial Start Round before Every Game
Ticket Fiesta Speed Bonus after Every Round
Includes: Dual Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispensers & Dual Coin Mechanisms (DBA and Card Swipe Compatible)