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LAI Games Mega Color Match


  • Mega Dimensions: W 106.8" x D 87.4" x H 119.8" | Weight: 1219 lbs
  • Dimensions: W 46" x D 25.3" x H 89.4" | Weight: 550 lbs

Product Description


This mega-sized version of the hit merchandiser is a true centerpiece for your entertainment venue. With its retro styling, massive presence, and six Major Prize window lockers, you can securely showcase bigger and better prizes attracting a wide range of players.

Mega Color Match offers fully adjustable on-screen operator settings, with a payout calculator built in to manage your desired payout based on the value of your prizes. The quick and simple gameplay where players naturally match the colors of the on-screen rotating disk is both fun but challenging to master. After five color matches, players can choose the Minor Prize or risk it all to play on for a shot at one of the Major Prizes.

With its impressive scale and simplicity of play, it’s no wonder Mega Color Match is a top earner and breaking records in locations worldwide.


Color Match is a great option for locations where space and height are limited. Its a fantastic combination of a quality game, attractive merchandising display and a small footprint.


  • Single-Player
  • Ticket Dispensing
  • Prize Merchandising
  • Pre-drilled for Embed
  • Universal Connector Link
  • Card System Ready
  • Coin Acceptor Ready
  • Bill Acceptor Ready