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LAI Games Mega Color Match Lite


  • Dimensions: H: 120″ W: 90″ D: 87"
  • Weight: 1131 lbs

Product Description

Mega Color Match Lite is the 100% ticket redemption version of our mega-sized hit game, Its smaller footprint and low maintenance operation makes it an attractive option for many operators.

Building on the success that LAI Games had with their instant prize merchandizing game Color Match, Mega Color Match Lite offers the same satisfying gameplay while focusing just on ticket redemption instead of major/minor prizes.

Just like with the prize version, the goal of the game is simple – you attempt to ‘match’ the colors on the wheel by skillfully pressing the button at the right moment to match them up. Aim for the “Major Prize” jackpot to win big!

Color Match also follows LAI’s pattern of offering two prize levels to go for – Minor or Major Prize. As they play, the first option gives them an opportunity to settle for a “Minor Prize”, winning tickets along the way. After five color matches, the player must decide if they will stay with the Minor Prize or take the bigger risk on the more valuable Major Prize. If they choose the latter, the game increases in difficulty as there are fewer color wedges on the screen and the matching color moves around the wheel faster. It’s great fun that all players can enjoy!