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Incredible Technologies Arcade Collections Update Kit


Product Description

The Arcade Collection Showpiece Conversion Kit will allow you to convert your existing Golden Tee, Silver Strike, PowerPutt or Target Toss Showpiece cabinet into the Arcade Collection!

The conversion process requires replacing the Hard Drive, Cabinet Identification Device (CID), Security Chip, Control Panel, and Marquee.

To complete the conversion, the hard drive must be physically changed. If your current system does not have enough memory, system RAM may need to be upgraded.

IT highly recommends having two people available to remove and attach the control panel.

Please Note the Following:

  • The CID of your existing device will no longer be functional once you install the conversion kit.
  • Golden Tee Golf is not included as part of the Arcade Collection.



Silver Strike Bowling

  • Classic Bowling and Flash Bowling play options
  • Customizable bowlers and bowling equipment with each game
  • Vegas mode for additional side games

PowerPutt Golf

  • 11 Unique & Challenging 18-Hole Courses
  • Hundreds of Tee Areas & Pin Placements
  • Select a Variety of Clothing Options

Target Toss Pro

Bags AND Lawn Darts all in one!

Bags: Get the unique scoring system revolutionizing this fresh twist on the tailgating classic! Call Your Shot when your bag is sailing in the air, enjoy the added extras, and go for a personal best!

Lawn Darts: Classic Lawn Darts, Cricket, Poker Darts, and 501 – this game comes equipped with all these instant classics! Lawn darts might be illegal in real life, but in the virtual world, everything goes!

Raw Talk included! Uncensored, adult commentary that knows no boundaries. Hear the infamous Jack “Shooter” Thompson celebrate your best and worst lawn dart tosses with phrases you have to hear to believe!