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Face Place Scene Machine 2


  • Dimensions: H 83" x W 36" x D 70"
  • Weight: 809 lbs
  • Power: 110V

Product Description

This booth also uses the latest Smile 2.0 software which includes broad support for a variety of photo options. Print classic photo strips or 4×6 photos; color or b&w; fun & themed borders; face replacements; digital hairstyles, and passport-style photos. This also includes connectivity to the most popular social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also email your photos or capture and send a video message straight from the booth.

  • New design created to broaden the appeal of the Scene Machine to different locations
  • Full support for interactive green screen scene photos using Chroma Key Technology
  • Drapes for privacy
  • Smile 2.0 software with the same photo, border, logo addition and social media options as other Face Place Booths
  • Navigate options using the built-in touchscreen
  • Supports photo strips, 4×6″ photos, and 6×9″ photos; color or B&W; face replacements, fun borders and more
  • Social media connectivity to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
  • Capable of capturing & emailing videos
  • Multiple pictures and sharing options provide upselling opportunities with every experience
  • Place your corporate logos onto each strip
  • Mitsubishi Dye-Sublimation printer
  • Captures photos to a flash drive
  • A built-in remote auditing system
  • Connect the booth online using wired ethernet, WiFi or an optional 3G/4G broadband modem
  • Ships with a Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) + credit card reader.