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Elaut Cosmic XL


  • Dimensions:XL-1Player : H: 118″ W: 59″ D:69″ | XL S- 1 Player : H 100.5 x D 69" x W 59"
  • Weight: XL-1 Player: 1036 lbs | XL S-1 Player: 937 lbs
  • Power: 110V

Product Description


“S stands for Small as this Cosmic is for FEC’s with lower ceilings” 

A crane for players who love larger plush and for operators who prefer a smaller footprint for their machines (compared to Big One and Big One X-treme).

Attractive bonus game with ticket payout.  Play for the prize with a ticketing feature: didn’t win a prize?  Then Spin it & Win up to 100 tickets.  To play this bonus feature, at the end of the game, a light will start spinning and the player has to stop the light on a number.  This becomes automatically the number of tickets they receive.

XL Size – XO Claw for Size 6 (approx. 55 cm) toys

Control panel: a choice between push buttons or joystick

Triple dispenser with a capacity of 18.000 tickets, with removable stackers

Can be used as a centerpiece: with a 4-sided glass cabinet – tempting players to keep playing till they actually win the prize.

The LED lighting in the edges makes the crane eye-catching and attractive.