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Elaut Big-E Crane

Worlds first “immersive” claw crane!


  • Dimensions: H 108.30" x D 100.77" x W 98.42
  • Weight: 2127 lbs

Product Description

Players step into the claw control center and prepare to shop in the prize pit full of giant-sized plush toys.

Using the standard and traditional joystick, the crane gantry will travel over the player’s head, allowing the player to direct the massive claw.

Once the massive claw fingers grab the prize, the gantry will attempt to deliver it to a unique prize bin located to the player’s lower left.

The prize door will only open when the prize sensor has been triggered.

The claw can pick up prizes up to 6kg.

  • Immersive Claw
  • Claw Control Center
  • Prize Pit Full of Giant-Sized Plush Toys
  • Gigantic Colorful Joystick