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Coastal Galaxy Rangers

Travel across the planet to destroy evil aliens!


  • Dimensions: W: 57″ x D 46″x H: 81″
  • Shipping Dimensions: W: 59″ x D 45″ x H: 84″ | Weight: 700lbs

Product Description

In the universe, there is a group of alien pirates, who plunder resources, constantly invading each planet, in order to guard the peace of the planet, interstellar established Galaxy Rangers, send elite soldiers to destroy them, and destroy their stronghold. As a member of the Galaxy Rangers, players must travel across the planet to destroy evil aliens hiding in crime and rescue the imprisoned leader.

With different difficulty settings, and different ticket payout settings. This is a Ticket Payout Redemption Gun Shooting Video Game!

  • Shoot outside of the screen to reload or wait to reload automatically.
  • Other types of bullets could be picked after the enemies are down. There are 4 types of guns that the player can choose freely by pressing the Shift key.
  • Mission System: Some small missions could turn up in order to restore some HP
  • Joint-attack System: When different beads overlap, there comes a joint bead that has more harm than a normal beat.
  • Combo System: When enemies receive consecutive hits, combo hits count. The more combos, the more scores. Otherwise, if the player hits no enemy in a certain period, combos will restore to zero even during the playtime