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Coast to Coast Deep Sea Catcher


  • Dimensions: 24"w x 31"d x 70" high

Product Description

This is similar to the Duck Catcher or Duck Tank cranes that offer rubber duckies as prizes. At only 24″ wide, this compact crane is easy to install or move while packing in plenty of attraction to grab the user’s attention. It features brilliant cartoon style artwork and chasing LED lights in the corners. With a variety of rubber animal toys available, you can keep clients coming back for more as they seek to collect all of their favorite animals!

Combine it with a Duck Catcher and enjoy even higher earnings!

  • Modern Looking Backlit Topper
  • Extended Top Cut Out Sign!
  • Dollar Bill Acceptor Ready
  • Scoop Claw
  • Play-Until-You Win Included!
  • 3 Point Locking System