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BSR Jersey Wheels


  • 4 Wheel Dimensions: L 51" x W 47.875 x H 148.75"
  • 3 Wheel Dimensions: L 51" x W 47.875 x H 125.25"
  • 4 Wheel Power: 110V/3.6A/ 60 Hz | 3 Wheel Power: 110V/ 3.2A/ 60 Hz

Product Description

Available in TWO sizes! Each is sold separately.
• 4-Wheel Size
• 3-Wheel Size

The object of the Jersey Wheels™ Arcade Game is for the player to press a single play button to stop the spinning wheel on any numbered or colored slot to advance to the next wheel. The higher they can advance up the wheels, the bigger ticket/point payout they will receive, with a maximum payout of 10,000 tickets/points on the 4-Wheel version and 1,000 tickets/points on the 3-Wheel version of the game. This control the player has on stopping the wheels makes the Jersey Wheels™ Arcade Game one of the few, truly skill-based arcade games found in the market today.