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Benchmark VRX Arcade

VRX Arcade is a premiere unattended VR game. Featuring the Vive Pro headset and controllers, this cabinet comes equipped with the sensational game Gold and Mace (powered by Boxblaster).


Product Description

VRX Arcade is a cutting-edge, unattended virtual reality (VR) system that is revolutionizing the arcade industry.
The VRX cabinet and hardware are designed to withstand heavy usage and are built for long-lasting durability.
The game Gold and Mace is a thrilling VR experience set in medieval times, where players battle evil knights using a variety of weapons such as crossbows, clubs, spears, and more.
Gold and Mace is exclusively available on the Boxblaster platform, making it a unique and exclusive offering for VRX Arcade.
The game provides an immersive and realistic virtual reality experience, transporting players to a medieval world where they can engage in epic battles.
With its high-quality graphics and engaging gameplay, Gold and Mace will captivate players of all ages and skill levels.
VRX Arcade offers a state-of-the-art virtual reality experience that is easy to set up and use, making it ideal for both arcade owners and players.
The unattended nature of the VRX Arcade allows for continuous operation and minimal staff supervision, maximizing revenue potential.
By offering the latest in VR technology and a captivating game like Gold and Mace, VRX Arcade brings exciting and immersive gaming experiences to arcade-goers, setting it apart in the industry.