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Benchmark SuperMan

Superman a thrilling arcade experience that combines the excitement of air hockey with strategic gameplay.


Product Description

Introducing the SuperMan, a thrilling arcade experience that combines the excitement of air hockey with strategic gameplay. As you drop pucks into columns, get ready to test your skills and strategy and aim for the ultimate bonuses.

The game features a pusher arm filled with pucks that drop into columns. The pucks resemble air hockey, providing a familiar and engaging gameplay experience. Your goal is strategically fill the columns on the right or left side of the game to trigger bonuses.

The game is divided into two sides – the Blue side, the Fortress of Solitude, and the Red side, Metropolis. Each side offers unique advantages and rewards.

Four types of pucks are in play – Blue, Red, Gold, and Green. Blue pucks earn you standard points unless they fill up a column leading to a bonus. Red pucks make your points and allow for multi-puck play, intensifying the excitement. Gold pucks earn you points and unlock a super speed bonus. Green pucks earn you points, but cancel out one Blue/Red/Gold puck in any column they land in, so it’s crucial to steer them towards the middle.

To help you strategize, the player can see which color pucks are coming up, allowing for better planning and decision-making. The game offers progressive and fixed play options, enabling you to control the payout percentage.

Adding to the fun, the game includes collectible cards that payout when triggering specific targets. With 120 cards to collect, including ten different cards, twoo rare cards, and eight villain cards, there’s always a new challenge to conquer. These cards are not part of the playfield but complement the gameplay, providing additional excitement and rewards.

The SuperMan can be programmed to accommodate different play options. Initially, the game has five pucks per play. Still, additional incentives can be programmed to offer more pucks per swipe, such as 12 pucks for two plays, encouraging players to participate in multiple rounds.

Designed with user customization in mind, the end-user can easily program all functions of the Superman. Additionally, the game is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, making it convenient for transport or maintenance.

Rest assured, all components have been meticulously designed in-house by Benchmark Games, ensuring a high-quality and reliable gaming experience.

Get ready to drop the pucks, strategize your moves, collect cards, and experience the excitement of the SuperMan. It’s time to have a blast and showcase your skills in this unique and captivating arcade masterpiece.