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Benchmark Monster Drop Chaos


  • Dimensions: 8.5’ H x 5.25’ D x 4.25’ W
  • Weight: 920 lbs

Product Description

Earn Tickets in a High-Energy, High-Scoring Frenzy!

  • The proven high cash box earnings-latest game concept in wildly successfully Monster Drop Line.
  • Addictive quick play for tickets!
  • Skillful ball drop game with secondary entertainment feature of cascading balls in a wild scoring frenzy!
  • Mega Bonus component provides an opportunity for progressive jackpot ticket win.
  • Large LED screen enhances player experience with celebration components, the game prompts, and attract mode.
  • Attractive colorful cabinet, LED light show, and the rockin’ soundtrack.
  • Dramatic and powerful presentation for every style of a game room.


  • 1 Player Ball Drop
  • 18,000 Ticket Capacity
  • 1 Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispenser
  • Card Swipe Capable
  • DBA Ready

A new and EPIC entry in the wildly successful MONSTER DROP family, CHAOS, which takes the skillful ball drop game to a whole new level.