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Barron Galaxy Collision Quad Air


  • Dimensions: L 78" x W 78" x H 31"
  • Weight: 512 lbs

Product Description

The Galaxy Collision QuadAir Hockey Table allows for two, three, or four players to play with up to four pucks at a time! Its patented design features goal gates that open when each side
is credited and closes after a player has lost all there lives or time has run out.


  • Patented Goal Gates
  • New Rail Design
  • LED Timer and Scoring on each side of the Playfield
  • Timer and Scoring on Each Side of the Playfield
  • Fun Attraction-Mode Music
  • Includes: 20 Pucks, 8 Rubber-Gripped Mallets, Puck Sweat Table Polish, and 4
  • Coin Comparators [DBA and card swipe compatible]
  • Optional: Overhead Topper with LED Down Lights and Mallet Holders