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Andamiro Basketball Pro


  • Dimensions: H 89" x W 32" x D 38"
  • Weight: 485 lbs
  • Power: 120V

Product Description

Expanding their selection of skill-based redemption sports games, Andamiro USA adds Basketball Pro to their line-up of all-stars!

Basketball Pro is reminiscent of the 1995 game Hoop It Up by Atari Games. The basic premise is simple for anyone to enjoy: just pound the soft basketball controller to shoot the tiny basketballs at the hoop. Make as many shots as you can before the timer runs out; the more you score, the more tickets you win!

This is bolstered further by the 2-player support of the game – no need to bank games together for some quick competitive fun. Although you can certainly bank several, Basketball Pro’s together to put on quite the fun event!

  •  Super easy to play – add a credit, then pump the giant ball to shoot smaller basketballs at the hoop
  • Tasteful LED lighting for additional appeal
  • Moving hoop backboards add an extra dimension of challenge to the game
  • Supports 1-2 players
  • Fully enclosed play area keeps the mini-balls from being lost outside of the game
  • Giant, soft basketball controllers work to “pump” the shots. The harder they are hit, the farther your ball travels!
  • Red numerical LED displays show the Shot Clock and current ticket score
  • Three points awarded per basket; six points awarded for shots made in the final 10 seconds
  • 2x Ticket dispensers included
  • 2x coin slots included; card swipe compatible
  • An excellent game for a route/street location, bar/arcade, FEC or fitness center!