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Andamiro Avengers Coin Pusher

Marvel Avengers coin pusher is offered in two models: one that operates with a collectible card series featuring nine Avengers, and another that operates without cards. Both versions are ticket-redemption games.

Avengers is a feature-rich, rapid-fire coin pusher inspired by the Infinity Stones storyline in the “Avengers” movies by Marvel Studios. It is the first arcade game developed under the Andamiro-Disney creative alliance formed in 2019.

Players fire tokens at a moving target wheel to win tickets and other rewards and to populate the pusher playfield. The game’s main objective is to “push” the Infinity Stones, which also reside on the playfield, off the ledge. A Bonus Spin game is enabled when one stone is dropped; the Super Bonus game turns when all six Infinity Stones are collected.

Each Avengers game ships with a Personal Player Shield (PPS), which seamlessly fits between the game’s two-player stations. Intended for temporary use – to give players peace of mind about physical separation – Andamiro’s shield is easy to install and remove. Made of flexible clear 1/4” acrylic with a white-colored outer edge and the Avengers logo, Andamiro’s PPS solution is a stylish and timely solution.


  • Dimensions: W 71" x D 41" x H 107"
  • Power: 500 W / 5 A
  • Setup Weight: 992 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions & Weight : TBD