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AMS The Outsider


  • Dimensions: W 39" x H 72" x 35"

Product Description

Outside in the elements or inside in hi-risk areas, this rugged vendor features AMS’ patented Sensit® Guaranteed Delivery System. It has a 3-year warranty on its electronics and its 1/2 plus HP sealed refrigeration system. The Outsider has a one year warranty on all other parts except fluorescent light bulbs, glass, and paint finish.

AMS’ ruggedly-built outdoor vendor

  • Offering a choice in the outdoor vending of non-perishable items: It can be a Snack Machine or a Visi-Combo snack-and-beverage machine.

Perfect for

  • Gas stations, travel centers, schools, offices, medical centers, and hi-risk indoor locations


  • Typical snack configuration holds 617 units
  • Typical snack & beverage configuration holds 370 units combined


  • Vandal-resistant
  • Triple-pane heated glass protected by a layer of durable polyurethane
  • Heavy-gauge steel vandal panels for greater protection
  • Motor coupling and home positioning
  • Featuring EnergySensit® for programmable energy savings
  • Available in bright red color or our standard black