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New Collectible Cards for Raw Thrills’ Injustice Arcade

Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are getting arcade upgrades thanks to a new collectible card series from Raw Thrills via its popular Injustice Arcade game.

The new Series 2 cards consist of updated visual designs for 100 heroes and villains, as well as 10 new rare team cards like League of Assassins and Teen Titans. The Series 2 pack totals 200 cards, Contact Shaffer today to get your order in! Raw Thrills

Locations that currently have Injustice Arcade will receive a software kit (shipping now) with the Series 2 cards. The kit also includes a new translate featuring Series 2 cards, a decal with a QR code that links to a Series 2 checklist and a new roll-up banner with a whole new set of DC collectible cards. Like Series 1, the new cards will have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels.

Once the update is complete, operators will be able to vend both Series 1 and Series 2 cards. Injustice Arcade 43” cabinets with serial numbers 42700 and higher already have the Series 2 software.