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ICE ships two new redemption pieces

Two of the latest games by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, are now in production.

Tons of TicketsWhack a Clown

Tons of Ticktes, which is ICE’s first skill ticket title, first debuted at IAAPA 2018 last November and the backorder that has been generated since then “has been tremendous,” according to the company.

Designed to be operator friendly, Tons of Tickets automatically reloads ticket bundles back onto the playfield removing the need for regular refilling, which was the main thrust of ICE’s design philosophy behind the game.

ICE has also incorporated a small LED screen in the game with video animations aims which to engage audiences of all ages as well as providing an indicator of how many tickets they win during each game.

While the game is available as a single player unit, ICE is marketing this game in a two player format with an eye-catching ticket tower marquee display that sits between the two cabinets and improves the visual impact.

ICE president, Joe Coppola, said: “the game has been thoroughly tested throughout many different FEC concepts and universally it has been in the top 10 everywhere without fail. You really can’t do any better than the earnings we’ve seen on this game. It’s no doubt a “must have” for any FEC and the fact that our development team designed it with the self-reloading feature has made it incredibly easy for operators.”

Rolling off the production line at the same time as Tons of Tickets is the latest installment in ICE’s popular carnival series. Whack a Clown attempts to add a whole new dimension and dynamic to the whacker genre with the LED-lit clown heads. Players compete against each other trying to hit as many clowns as possible. Hitting the red clown on the playfield temporality freezes the action allowing other competitors to catch up adding a further skill element to the head to head competition.

Coppola commented: “Again this game was shown at IAAPA and we have since done extensive testing and are thrilled with the results. We’ve taken the classic whacky game and really taken it to the next level. Like Tons of Ticket, this game can be operated as a single player but we are really seeing fantastic revenues when its presented as a two or three player with a marquee. It really becomes more of an attraction that the whole family can play together. The bonus marquee brings players in from across the game room and once they start playing, we’ve seen the repeat play on the game is amazing.”

Whack a Clown allows for up to 4 games to be connected with its linked marquee which is designed to encourage competitive play. In both the single and multiplayer games, players can win a bonus by beating a pre-determined score.

Coppola concluded. “Both Tons of Tickets and Whack a Clown received great reviews at IAAPA and now we’re aggressively in production trying to make as many as we can on a daily basis to meet the demands. These are both games we know will have an immediate positive impact on any FEC and they will both be products we’ll be selling and supporting for many years to come.”

Both games are available now.