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F2FEC Plans 2021 Return

The Three Amigos of F2FEC – Ben Jones, Rick Iceberg, and George Smith – have announced their plans for a “renewed and different trade experience” in 2021 with the theme “RISE.” They anticipate an early March event for the face-to-face event.

F2FEC pushed the pause button after their 2019 gathering, opting not to host an event in 2020. Now, they’re back with the deliberately-chosen Rise theme. “RISE was already determined in 2019, but the world has changed and what is different today for the Amigos is the context for Rise,” they wrote. What was then is no longer now: What we envisioned in 2019 is less important; now is the focus, the future is the focus; the world, the nation, our industry faces huge challenges with the physical and cultural shifts brought upon us by COVID-19, and RISE we must!

The event will focus completely on guiding the industry through “Reset, Rebuild and Reach.” “We’ll Reset by identifying priorities and finding clarification,” they wrote. “We will look to Rebuild our businesses from the inside out, understanding the cultural transformation taking place. And at the core of RISE is Reach. Reach is about choices and the option to live life and conduct business with meaning and purpose for generations to come.”

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