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Tic Shaq Toe Basketball

Tic Shaq Toe

Animated TV series starring NBA champion and entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal inspires new arcade game.

Ticshaqtoe Cabinet Pic 001 ShafferIRVING, TX—April 14, 2023— Andamiro USA Corp. has partnered with children’s content company Genius Brands International, Inc. (Nasdaq: GNUS) to release an exclusive basketball-themed arcade game. Tic SHAQ Toe Basketball debuted at Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas in late March. It is expected to ship to arcades and family entertainment centers this summer.

Inspired by Genius Brands’ “Shaq’s Garage,” an animated action-comedy series for children starring and co-produced by the legendary Shaquille O’Neal, Tic SHAQ Toe adds an exciting brand to the arcade industry’s basketball genre. The kid’s program follows the adventures of O’Neal’s unusual collection of anthropomorphic cars, trucks, and other vehicles known as the “Shaq Paq.” Andamiro’s Tic SHAQ Toe ingeniously adapts an age-old pursuit into a free-throw arcade game basketball game.

Decked out in a colorful Shaq’s Garage graphics package, Tic SHAQ Toe Basketball for arcades is easy to play, family-friendly, and challenging for players of all ages. One person can compete against the game’s computer, or two can go head to head. Players do their best to shoot a ball into one of the nine baskets arranged in the 3×3 tic-tac-toe grid. The first player to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of three Xs (or Os) wins the match. If no one wins, the game ends in a draw.

Like the venerable pencil-and-paper pastime, Tic SHAQ Toe Basketball is a game of strategy, only a lot more fun. Whereas the best tactical effort from both players in a tight contest almost always ends in a draw, Tic SHAQ Toe requires good basketball shooting skills to succeed. Three rows of baskets step toward the player station, with the last row being the farthest and highest, making each shot different. Shots missed or bounced into unintended squares leave openings for the next X or O player.

Ticshaqtoe Cabinet Pic 002 ShafferTo keep things interesting, Tic SHAQ Toe boasts three gameplay programs. While the machine’s default setting is “fix” play, which maintains a basket’s X or O square once a shot is made, operators can reset Tic SHAQ Toe to change play styles. In one option, a successful trial in the opposing player’s X or O basket becomes their X or O., Or it can be set to “clear” play; after that, a shot in the opposing player’s X or O removes that basket’s X or O.

Because tic tac toe is universally recognized, Andamiro’s basketball adaptation makes the gameplay intuitive for everyone. The game tells players whose turn it is: X (red shooter) or O (blue shooter). After a basket is made, an X or O symbol for the corresponding square lights up. Tic SHAQ Toe Basketball is a ticket redemption game involving skill – good strategy and accuracy win the game! The assembled unit measures 50″ W. x 110″ D. x 130 H.

“Shaq’s Garage is an ideal brand pairing for our new arcade basketball concept,” said Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “The Tic SHAQ Toe game will appeal to children, teens, and adults, making it a great addition to any FEC. During trials, we were delighted to observe small children making successful shots.

“Beyond offering an innovative basketball game, we’re especially proud to connect Shaquille O’Neal’s messages of positivity and life lessons to family entertainment centers,” Maniscalco added. “We’re confident ‘Shaq’s Garage’ will be a big success.”

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About Andamiro

Founded 31 years ago in the Republic of Korea, Andamiro is an award-winning maker of amusement games with a focus on turning leading brands into high-earning arcade attractions. The MLB Players Association, NFL Players Inc., Nickelodeon, Universal, The Walt Disney Co., and World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. are among our licensing partners. The company’s new licensing agreement with Genius Brands International Inc. was signed in 2022. Andamiro USA, headquartered in Irving, TX, and its South Korea-based parent, Andamiro Co. Ltd., is online at and “Creating Joy for All” is the game-makers mantra. Andamiro USA was recognized as Dave & Buster’s 2023 Supplier Partner of the Year.

About Shaq’s Garage

“Shaq’s Garage” is a new animated TV series for kids starring four-time NBA champion, rap impresario, and global icon Shaquille O’Neal as both himself and one of the show’s main vehicle characters, named Biggie D! Inspired by O’Neal’s real-life love of cars, “Shaq’s Garage” is a modern-day action series where Shaq brings his “family” of vehicles, known as the Shaq Paq, to life.

The series is a mix of action, adventure, and comedy featuring the Shaq Paq as Shaq sends them on various missions to help others and do good in their hometown community of Orlanta and beyond. The Shaq Paq is a lovable, funny, diverse cast of 10 characters. Shaquille O’Neal is the Shaq Paq leader and the voice of the giant diesel truck Biggie D, along with his buddy, the Gronkmobile, voiced by NFL Superbowl champion Rob Gronkowski.

“Shaq’s Garage” will be widely available across various Genius’ Networks (GN) platforms in the second quarter of 2023, including Kartoon Channel!, Ameba, and YouTube.

About Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the world’s most successful athlete-turned-businessman, whose accomplishments on and off the court have translated into a highly sought-after consumer brand. Shaquille O’Neal’s signature “Business of Fun” mantra resonates throughout his countless endeavors as an entrepreneur, sports analyst, DJ, restauranteur, and brand ambassador.

The 15-time NBA all-star’s remarkable athletic career spanned nearly two decades. It earned him countless awards and honors, including NBA Most Valuable Player, NBA Rookie of the Year, four NBA championships, and a First Ballot NBA Hall of Famer.  Currently, O’Neal is an analyst on TNT’s Emmy Award-winning “Inside the NBA.”

O’Neal, who has a doctoral degree in leadership and education, gives back through several annual philanthropic programs, including Shaq to School, Shaqsgiving, and Shaq a Claus.

The launch of his Las Vegas eatery, Big Chicken, has further elevated Shaquille’s status, as he has positioned himself as a successful restauranteur. A second Big Chicken location is open in Glendale, CA, and additional areas will debut at sea on Carnival Cruise Lines’ Radiance and Mardi Gras.

Follow Shaquille O’Neal on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

About Genius Brands International

Genius Brands International, Inc. (Nasdaq: GNUS) is a leading global kids’ media company developing, producing, marketing, and licensing branded children’s entertainment properties and consumer products for media and retail distribution. The Company’s IP portfolio of family-friendly content features the Stan Lee brand, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, on Cartoon Channel!; Shaq’s Garage, starring Shaquille O’Neal, is coming to Kartoon Channel!; Rainbow Rangers on Kartoon Channel! and Netflix; Llama Llama, starring Jennifer Garner, on Netflix and more.  This past year, Genius Brands also acquired Canada’s WOW! Unlimited Media (TSX-V: WOW), which includes 2,500 channels under the Channel Frederator Network, has also invested strategically in Germany’s Your Family Entertainment AG (FRA: RTV), one of Europe’s largest distributors and broadcasters of high-quality programs for children and families.

Genius Brands’ Kartoon Channel! is a globally distributed entertainment platform with 100% penetration in the U.S. television market and international expansion with launches in key markets worldwide. Kartoon Channel! is available across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android Mobile, Web, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Comcast, Cox, Dish, Sling TV, Android TV, Xumo, Tubi, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs.

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