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UNIS Pong Knock Out


  • Dimensions: H: 116″ W: 61″ D: 61″
  • Weight: 860lbs
  • Power: 110V @ 180~480W

Product Description

The Arcade Classic Re-imagined

In PONG KNOCK OUT, players take control of their own 3D PONG paddle that seems to float along the surface like magic. You do so by simply spinning the paddle controller to where it is needed. Beneath the playfield and outside of the player’s view is a gantry system with magnets that makes all the action topside happen. Using “Knock Out” rules, each player has a set number of lives (adjustable by the operator) – be the last PONG player standing to win!

Further enhancing the play from the other PONG Table units is the marquee monitor (which shows instructions and current gameplay status), an overhead black light, a dynamic game announcer, and game-changing “power-ups” that can either cause everyone’s paddle to reverse movement or to speed up the ball.

  • A unique recreation of a classic arcade gaming experience – now for up to FOUR players!
  • Fully enclosed, retro gameplay makes for timeless fun that appeals to players of all types
  • Officially licensed from Atari
  • Electromechanical functionality – 3D paddles “magically” move across the surface via unseen magnets & motors below
  • Support for one, two, three, or four players – unoccupied slots are controlled by the computer
  • Secure access to the mechanics under the table
  • Controls: 1 Spinner device per side; ambidextrous serve buttons; 1 or 2 players start buttons; difficulty selection buttons
  • Cupholders integrated into each corner
  • Tempered safety glass top; easy operator access to mechanics under the hood.
  • Integrated USB ports allow users to charge their mobile devices
  • Recreated retro digital sounds; the real-time narration of gameplay from a digital announcer
  • Supports both physical ticket dispensers and eTickets (redemption optional)