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TouchTunes Playdium

The Next Wave of Innovation

The next generation entertainment platform, Playdium delivers a tailored music experience that reflects the unique musical taste of each venue.

Music Profiles to Match Any Venue

Playdium is a breakthrough platform that allows venues to select from a variety of Music Profiles to tailor the experience to their unique vibe.

Promotes The Most Relevant Music

Music is core to the TouchTunes experience and our latest smart jukebox learns from the music most played in a location and adapts over time to highlight the songs, artists and search results that are most relevant.

Compact and Sophisticated

A 23-inch touchscreen, subtle lighting, and angled reflective surfaces create the perfect entertainment centerpiece for any venue.

Advanced Manufacturing and Diagnostics

Two-piece modular design and online diagnostics increase reliability and make service fast and simple. If there’s ever a problem, operators just swap in a replacement unit and send the original one back to TouchTunes for repair.

Introducing Playdium: A Smarter Music Experience.

TouchTunes Playdium from TouchTunes on Vimeo.