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ICE Micro Air Fx Pro

Micro Air FX Pro, is now available for the home!
Custom Graphics $750

The top arcade air hockey table, Micro Air FX, is now available for the home! LED’s light up the legs and playfield. The game is slightly smaller to accommodate homeowners but still has all the fun.

The same great game is now ready for the home. Micro Air FX Pro is the brother of the top quality Air FX seen in arcades worldwide. Outscore your opponent on the best air hockey ever built.

High-quality construction with durability in mind for decades of fun for all ages. The high-quality acrylic surface creates the best “puck glide” in the world! This air hockey experience is one of a kind, ready for the homeowner.

The same great arcade quality air hockey is now scaled down for home use. Air FX Pro is the highest quality game that can be brought into the home.


The LED’s that are spread throughout the game brings it to life! Never before seen in the home, this arcade air hockey is sure to dazzle.


The high-quality acrylic surface creates an exclusive gliding surface unlike anything else on the market.

By using ICE’s modern design aesthetics, tradition meets with modern tech, creating a high quality air hockey table that truly stands out in a crowded field. The Air FX Pro uses multi-color LED lighting, frosted fixtures that glow and the industry’s first 1/2″ thick acrylic playing surface. This means a tougher playfield to hold up under pressure. The playfield itself is back-lit too, completing the “FX”. While best placed in darker venues, this will be the star of any gameroom and lighting condition.

Customize This Game  We offer personalized customization options for many of our game – so you have what it takes to create your ultimate home game room.


  • Dimensions: 50.00in x 70.00in x 60.00in
  • Weight: 450lbs