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Creative Works Voxel Mixed Reality


Voxel is a highly social attraction. Instead of wearing headsets, players have 3D glasses that allow them to see their friends while playing the game. The 3D glasses work with the projections to bring the digital world to life. Players use body movement to interact with the digital projections during the high-intensity gameplay. Repeat play is an important part of your attraction. There are multiple games available with many more in the pipeline. Plus, it’s the only mixed reality game that has redemption capabilities. Jackpot!


As past operators, we understand what it’s like to be in your shoes, and we know what’s important to you. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits you’ll see from Voxel:

  • Multiplayer – We have 2-player and 4-player systems available, giving you up to a 4:1 player-to-attendant ratio. With short 2-3 minute games, you’ll see a high hourly throughput.
  • Small Footprint – Starting at less than 130 square feet for a 2-player system, Voxel can fit in just about any entertainment center.
  • Multiple Games Available – This is much more than a single game. This is a mixed reality platform with multiple exclusive game titles available now and many more in development.
  • Redemption Capable – We understand how important redemption can be, especially for repeat play. This is the only mixed reality attraction with redemption capabilities.
  • Intense Gameplay – This is an active experience with high-intensity games. The games are easy to learn and appropriate for all ages.
  • Highly Social – This is a social attraction where players can see their friends and interact in the real world while playing in the virtual one
  • No Headset Required – Guests can simply step in and play without putting on headsets or using controllers. This increases efficiency and throughput.
  • Fun for All Ages – Both kids and adults will enjoy this immersive and engaging attraction.


  • 130 square feet for 2-player system