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Benchmark Total Eclipse


  • Dimensions: 61.9” L x 61.9” W x 88.9” H
  • Weight: 680 lbs

Product Description

100% Skill Based, for 1- 4 players.
Players test their skills by sending the play puck twisting and turning along a cosmic pathway onto the spinning wheel, landing dead center on celestial WIN ZONE TARGETS
(SUN or STARS) and winning indicated ticket values!
Shoot for the STARS and cover them completely with play puck to win displayed ticket values.
Eclipse the SUN by covering it completely with play puck to activate the secondary gameplay feature which launches a ball in the center to win ticket values of extraterrestrial proportions or the cumulative MEGA BONUS!
Centerpiece cabinet style with a modest footprint.
Rotating marquee!
Ethereal LED glow light effects and interactive monitors.
Out-of-this-world audio package with themed sounds and player prompts.
Subwoofers for superior sound quality.
Card swipe capable, Intelli -Triple Dispenser for each player station.