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Benchmark Street Baller


  • Dimensions: 12.8’ H x 4.5’ D x 4.5’ W
  • Weight: 650 lbs

Product Description

Pick up profits and take revenue to the hoop with this streetbasketball themed skill crane!


  • Just under 12’ tall with a modest footprint allowing placement of other revenue producing pieces.
  • Stunningly themed graphic presentation.
  • Animated Dragon marquee and LED lights.
  • The marquee is adjustable for ceiling height preserving the aesthetic value of the piece.
  • The back door allows gantry access.
  • Pair with Monster Drop or Power Drop X-tremes for ultimate profitability and visual impact.
  • 360° view of product – it looks like a tower of prizes!
  • Ideal for large balls and jumbo plush. (18” Prize chute) “16”h x 15” w Prize Door
  • Coin comparator included, DBA   and card system ready.