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Benchmark Pop It & Win


  • Dimensions: 93" H x 38" D x 36.5" W

Product Description

  • High-earning, skill-based balloon pop game.
  • Players stop the spinning light to land on values that crank the air pump to inflate a balloon with each play.
  • The game objective is to inflate the balloon to strike the Spinning Saw Blade for tickets and game celebration component- a resounding POP!
  • Players can “pump up” the number of tickets won by stopping the light on “Instant Pop” to activate progressive Bonus ticket feature.
  • Players and bystanders alike are both startled and delighted by the balloon pop.
  • Addictive! Players can race to pop the balloon on the two player Explosive and the anticipation   for the balloon pop encourages repeat plays
  • Pair with Monster Drop or Monster Drop Single or visual impact and enhanced revenues.