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Products / Barron Galaxy Collison with Topper Pre Owned

Barron Galaxy Collison with Topper Pre Owned

Pre Owned

The Galaxy Collision QuadAir Hockey Table allows for two, three, or four players to play with up to four pucks at a time! Its patented design features goal gates that open when each side
is credited and closes after a player has lost all there lives or time has run out.


  • Patented Goal Gates
  • New Rail Design
  • LED Timer and Scoring on each side of the Playfield
  • Timer and Scoring on Each Side of the Playfield
  • Fun Attraction-Mode Music
  • Includes: 20 Pucks, 8 Rubber-Gripped Mallets, Puck Sweat Table Polish, and 4
  • Coin Comparators [DBA and card swipe compatible]
  • Optional: Overhead Topper with LED Down Lights and Mallet Holders


  • Dimensions: L 78" x W 78" x H 31"
  • Weight: 512 lbs